Australian Labradoodle

Flynn is a petite little guy with a blockbuster personality.  We just LOVE our little man!  His evening snuggles each night…well, you’d understand if you met him.  Flynn loves to be in your lap.  In fact, he leaps across the living room when anyone chooses to sit on the couch, just so he can be the first in your lap, and because he’s so little–you usually just leave him there and begin to give him the attention he craves!

Well, that’s his temperament.  Now for his looks: as you can see, Flynn has a super rich caramel coat with ringlet curls.  He has a pretty white blaze on his chest.  His confirmation is perfect and he wears his boxy size well.  You can bet this little guy struts his stuff!

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Flynn July 10, 2019