We love our breeders and we think they are picture “paw”fect!

Our desire at Crossfield Doodles SOUTH is to take excellent care of our breeders in order
to produce the healthiest and well-tempered puppies we can possible provide for our customers.

Meet Bogie

This little man is packed with as much charm as we can muster!  Mister Bogie is going to make you swoon, and is a Bogart in his canine way!

Bogie is a miniature labradoodle and has a beautifully square conformation.  His brown and white tuxedo coat make him hard to resist.  Bogie also carries for red, which makes him an irresistible asset to our breeding program. Bogie is sired by Geoffrey, a former Crossfield Doodle!

View My Pedigree

“What goes into a Crossfield Doodle?” Let’s start with the cost of owning our girls and boys. Puppies intended for breeding cost double and sometimes triple the purchase price of the same puppy intended as a pet.  Purchasing a breeder is one thing, but after we purchase, we test!  We have spent much money and time testing our breed fleet so we can make sure we are breeding genetically sound puppies.  If you have done much checking around, you know transparent genetic testing is highly recommended and not easily achieved.  See for yourself how dedicated we are to this at Pawprint Pedigrees!

*If no pedigree is available, we have fully tested either parents or grandparents. These are both breeders produced by us. In these cases where you know parents/grandparents, then you know that a breeder is “Clear by Parentage.