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Sugashoc Photography and Crossfield Doodles bringing you your dose of preciousness for the day!  Have a life moment you want captured for a lifetime, we highly recommend Sugashoc!

Have a puppy, add a puppy: Sugashoc and Crossfield Doodles can take care of it all!  Dream big, and dream of doodles!

Follow the adventures of Flossie
(from Crossfield DoodlesJilli + Geoffrey) and all her friends @livesweetphotography!  Many clients ask, “How will my puppy do with other animals in the home?”  Our reply, “Great!”  Flossie frolicks daily with many of God’s creatures, great and small including: Calvin and Hobbes (the goats), Pearl & Ruby (the pigs), Winnie & Tilly (the bunnies) as well as a host of hobby farm animals.

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Pupparazzi April 7, 2017