Medium doodle size

Medium doodles

The Medium Doodle is what we affectionately refer to as the Compromise. If that’s you, you know it! One of you thought you wanted a Miniature, and the other had their heart set on a Standard. But when all the dust settled you fell in love with the Medium and everyone is happy! Medium Doodles range in height from 16” to 19” and in weight from 30-50 lbs.

Crossfield Doodles in this size include, but are not limited to: Camille, Rylee, Bailey, Aria, and their offspring.

How do I specify this size for my family?

If you have not yet filled out our online application to adopt a puppy, please do so in order to begin the process. On the application, you may indicate what size(s) you and your family are interested in adopting.


Meet some of our medium moms…

Meet some of our Medium Doodle Pups…