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Crossfield Doodles Down South puppy training

We love doing basic puppy training!

Our trained puppies will be ready to go home at 11 weeks of age!  Please be advised that training is subject to availability. Puppies from any litter may be reserved for training; however, only a limited number of puppies are held back for training.

When does a trained puppy come home?

Puppies being held back for training are transferred to Puppy Kindergarten with our trainer at or around the age of 8 weeks. Puppies attend training for a full 3 weeks where they will board, train, and stay with their trainer around the clock. Trained puppies go home on your litter’s “Trained Puppy Going Home” scheduled day, which will be provided for you.

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What is worked on in the training process?

  • Night-time crate training: sleep in a crate through the night with no accidents.
  • Day-time crate training: trained for 3 hour stretches each day with dry, clean crate.
  • Leash walking and going potty on-leash training
  • Free-range training
  • House training: for up to 2 hour stretches each day
  • Command Training: sit, stay, come, stay, etc.
  • Socialization with other dogs, pets, and children.

Who is training my puppy?

We use a variety of trainers and we maintain a wildly populated schedule for folks who want training. We even employ a Training Liaison to work with our trainers in order to provide the best care to clients and puppies.

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Crossfield Doodles Down South puppy training program

Will I get updates on my puppy’s training?

Once your pup’s littermates go home, your puppy will transfer to his trainer! You will receive an email a few days after your pup transfers to the trainer so the two of you may connect. You may want to share your pup’s new name, or get updates on the training. We encourage all of this! We actually maintain a Training Liaison so that this process is seamless! Each Pup-in-Training will have their very own Google album which will be updated each week by the trainer with photos and video so you can see your pup in action.

What else is included in my puppy training?

Trained puppies also go home with their very own crate, crate pad, and toys in order to help make this transition as seamless as possible. Additional benefits and inclusions are as follows:

  • Up to date vaccination record and veterinary checked
  • Microchipped
  • Health Guarantee
  • Trainers provided detailed scheduled on Trained Home Going day
  • Trainers provided instructions on commands used in training
Crate Training
Travel and socialization
Leash Training
Command Training

What is the cost for training?

Clients pay an additional $2,700 to the contract price for a trained puppy. Please be advised that all training costs are non-refundable once puppy has transferred to our training program.

How do I get started?

If you have not yet filled out our online application to adopt a puppy, please do so in order to begin the process. On the application, you may indicate that you are interested in adopting a trained puppy.

Add-On Options for Training

We are happy to provide information on any of our training options with you once you have filled out your online application and we have scheduled you for a phone conversation.

Training + Boarding

Trained puppies that need to stay after their home-going day may board for a maximum of 2 days at a cost of $100 a day for continued training and boarding.  Availability for this extended stay is limited and not a guaranteed option.  Contact us if you need to make this arrangement.

Training + Finishing school

Pups who have completed the 3-week training have the opportunity to work on all their skills in a final finishing week. The cost for this program is an additional $1,000 added to puppy and training price. These pups will also visit the vet to receive a second round of vaccination for their series. Finishing School is only available as a reservation once puppies are two weeks of age.

Training + Delivery and Training Session

We are pleased to offer the option of Delivery for Trained Puppies!  Your trainer will deliver your puppy to your home and provide a one-hour, in-home Training Session with you and your family.  This session will cover the basics of commands your puppy has mastered, daily schedule, and important tips to help keep your puppy moving forward in the training they have received during their 3-week, Stay-and-train time with us.  The starting price of $550 includes puppy delivery to a service area within a 30 mile radius of our location. 

Request for Basic Puppy Training

If you have already been matched to a litter and have a reservation in place, please fill out the request form for training below. Our Training Liaison will be in contact with you and let you know whether or not your request can be honored.

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