Those of you seeking a Standard Doodle need not apologize, nor do you need an explanation.  You want a dog, a large dog, and you will even allow it to be a lap dog if he so chooses.  You may be single or you may have lots of kids; you’re rarely retired, but you may be close to it.  In case you need the stats for your friends, here you go: Standard Doodles range in height from 20″ to 25″ and in weight from 50 – 85 lbs.  Crossfield Doodles in this size include, but not limited to: Jersey Girl, Ruby, and their off-spring.  Our standards are relatively small standards, and we know deep down inside you like that.  As long as you get to call them a standard!


Meet some of our Standard Moms…

Jersey Girl


How do I specify this size for my family?

If you have not yet filled out our online application to adopt a puppy, please do so in order to begin the process. On the application, you may indicate what size(s) you and your family are interested in adopting.