Trained Doodles

They come TRAINED?

Yes, they do!  Not only can you have the fleece coated, allergy friendly, classy companion of your dreams…you can also get her trained!  We occasionally offer trained doodles.  A few options exist:

Trained Puppies

We offer on a very limited basis to reserve a puppy from an upcoming litter for training.  Puppies are ready to go home at 8 weeks, but trained puppies are held back for an additional 3 weeks to complete puppy kindergarten.  Over the course of their training puppies are crate trained, leash trained, house broken and taught the basic commands of “sit”, “come” and “stay back”.  Trained puppies are ready to go home at 11 weeks.  For information about pricing, please click here.

Trained Adults

There are occasions when we have trained adult doodles.  Trained adults may be 6+ months old.  The bio on the adult doodle will describe his temperament and the amount of training he has had.  At the minimum, you can expect a trained adult to be completely house broken and leash trained.  Trained adults may also come spayed/neutered with a registered microchip and up-to-date vaccination records including a rabies certificate.  For many, a trained adult offers the best of the doodle world.  Trained adults give a lifetime of love to their furever families! Prices vary depending on color, coat type and training.

Trained Doodles September 12, 2016